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First Planting

Dave completed our first planting and spraying just in time yesterday!  The rain moved in earlier than expected and Dave ended up soaked.  But, he finished.  It has been a tricky spring to get seed in the ground, but we’re thankful it’s done and look forward to seeing the plants spring up. 

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Seed Sorter

I’m sure there are some very high tech pumpkin patches with very high tech seed sorters.  Here is our version at The Pumpkin Ranch.  He’s efficient, eager to work, accurate and very cute!  Sorting seed means we’re ready to plant!

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A Rainy Day

A rainy day means we are not planting pumpkins…still.  This is the time of year we are excited to get the pumpkin patch planted, but mother nature is not cooperating.  It looks like The Pumpkin Ranch will just have to wait out the rain.  So, we might as well have a little fun while we […]

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Groupon Me!

If you don’t use Groupon, I have one question for you…why not?  We love a good deal and Groupon has them…every day!  Look for some deals from The Pumpkin Ranch on Groupon this fall.  Check out Des Moines Groupon here.

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Something New

We will have a new bounce house at The Pumpkin Ranch this year.  Here she is.  She will be added to our giant jack-o-lantern jump house, which make for 2 more great ways for your kids to burn off their energy while at our pumpkin patch!  Come and enjoy!

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Constructing a Playground

Dave is working on a big play area for the kids who come out and visit The Pumpkin Ranch this fall.  Here he is moving one of our existing play sets to the new playground.  This made me a little nervous.  However, the next play set he moved I couldn’t even watch!  It is so […]

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Loves to Work!

This little man is happiest when he’s working and has purpose.  Here he is getting the barn cleared out.  This month Dave will work on enclosing the north side of our barn.  Just one of the many changes happening at The Pumpkin Ranch for the 2011 season.

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What do you call a free weekend?

A work weekend at The Pumpkin Ranch!  I almost feel as if I need to list everything we accomplished this past weekend, just to make myself feel better about my sore muscles.  But, I will spare you!  The most exciting feature taking form at our little pumpkin patch is a new playground for kids.  It […]

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