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A little gadget

I am not technical…at all!  Seriously, I know just enough to keep myself texting, blogging and on facebook.  And that’s it!  Owning The Pumpkin Ranch is a joy for our family, but we’re just a small business.  This means that we are the web master, crop specialist, baker, pickers, payroll, purchaser, tax specialist, accountant…you get […]

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Looking Good!

Inspite of all of the heat and our severe drought, we are thankful for how great the pumpkin crop looks here at The Pumpkin Ranch.  We were also very excited to receive 4/10th of an inch of rain this week.

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Love a County Fair!

Do you live in an area that has a good county fair?  We do!  We take our kids every year and Layla is anticipating joining 4H in the fall and becoming more involved.  I think there are some pumpkin and gourd projects in her future!  Now, if she wants to raise, train and show anything […]

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Have I mentioned it’s hot?

It’s hot here,  And when I say hot, I mean it’s BLAZIN’!  Today, it was over 100 degrees, actual temp.  Dave, Cooper and 3 of our staff members worked on bulding benches and  fences.  Can you imagine anything worse?  And where was I?  Shopping, of course! 🙂  The pumpkins are still looking good.

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Got Pinterest?

Who doesn’t, right?  I never have the time to sit and pin very much, but lucky me, I have friends who are creative and send me great ideas from Pinterest for decorating pumpkins.  Have you seen any of these?  Don’t they look so fun?  Here’s a link to see more!

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Butternut Squash Risotto

It is really too hot to cook in the house here at The Pumpkin Ranch.  We’ve resorted to grilling and eating Popsicles for dinner.  OK, it’s not that bad…yet!  I was recently reminded of an amazing recipe that you’ve got to try this fall.  It’s from one of my favorites, Ina Garten.  It took me […]

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Hot and Dry

HOT AND DRY…These are two words that have been a regular part of our weekly forecast at The Pumpkin Ranch.  Like most parts of the country, we are in a drought!   Luckily, we grow a crop that can handle drought pretty well.  Dave often says pumpkins are just one step up from a weed.  I […]

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A little beauty

10 acres full of pumpkin, squash, and gourd blooms is beautiful.  But, I can’t see them from my house.  Here are a few pictures of the wildflowers we’ve been growing this year at The Pumpkin Ranch.  I hope there are still blooms this fall when you come to see us during pumpkin season.  I’ve grown […]

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