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Pumpkin Shell Soup

If you follow this blog, you know that I talk about food whenever possible.  I love to cook and I love to eat!  One of the great joys of owning The Pumpkin Ranch is experimenting with our crop.  This is a super simple, fun recipe that even my kids tried and thought was pretty cool.  […]

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World’s Largest Pumpkin

Have you ever seen these?  They are amazing to me!  Someone asked us recently if The Pumpkin Ranch would ever try to grow the world’s largest pumpkin…or at least the largest one at the Iowa State Fair.  I’m not sure I’m patient enough for that project!  However, these are really cool!

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This dry weather has not affected our pumpkins, their vines are still green and thriving!  Our trees, however, are a little confused.  Here are a few around the pond that starting changing colors last week. 

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Psuedo-Country Girl

I’m a little bit of a city girl and a little bit country (I’m sure there’s a country song to go with this statement).  When pumpkins start growing, I go very country.  I love being in the field and seeing growth.  We were out in the field last weekend and here was one of my […]

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I have a dream!

If you know me, you know that I love the Indianola Ballon Classic.  We go every year.  It’s a wonderful time and I find something so relaxing about watching the ballons.  What if we could have a tethered hot air balloon at The Pumpkin Ranch?  I’m hoping to make an announcement soon that will involve […]

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Growing Pumpkins and Puppies

We dabble in a few things here at The Pumpkin Ranch.  Dave loves to bird hunt, so we always have dogs and about once a year we have puppies.  While Dave worked hard on the playground expansion, the kids and puppies worked hard wearing each other out.  And me?  I just took pictures.

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Playground Expansion

We’ve been working on adding some new attractions to our free zone at The Pumpkin Ranch this year.  One add is to our playground.  Dave took 2, 18″ diameter telephone poles, cut them down, put a 30′ long telephone pole across the top and BAM!  We have new tire swings.  Only one tire swing is […]

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Good Eats!

I get asked all the time about cooking and eating squash and pumpkins.  I LOVE pumpkin flavored anything, I always have.  When fall rolls around and Starbucks brings back their Pumpkin Spice Latte, I’m in heaven! I believe the number one key to cooking or baking with pumpkins and squash is roasting, roasting, roasting!  When […]

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If I had time….

I would decorate pumpkins for all of you that look something like these.  Really and truly I would.  These are so amazing!  I would like to see them everywhere around The Ranch!  Anyone want to decorate them for me?  🙂 And here’s some more!

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