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The sound of a Tractor

When we’re working in the retail barn during pumpkin season, the sound of the tractor means one thing…PUMPKINS!  When we hear the tractor coming we head out to the scale to weigh customer pumpkins and see what they’ve found in the field.  I don’t care who you are, it’s exciting to see what has taken […]

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Never a Dull Moment

If you own your own business, especially a small business where you wear many hats, you understand there is never a dull moment!  This weekend we hosted a private event at The Pumpkin Ranch.  Would you have done this in your wedding dress?  See?  Never a dull moment!

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Leftover Soup

Last Monday brought out the fall recipes in my house!  It was chilly and a little rainy and I have to admit….I loved it!  The heat of this past summer made me half crazy so this cool, crisp air has been such a welcome relief! Here’s is one of my favorite soup “recipes”.  I put […]

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For the Parents

I think we will have to retire our sweet, little Red Flyer wagons this year.  Let’s face it, they’re adorable, but not very good for hauling kids and pumpkins!  This year, we’ve joined the ranks of legitimate pumpkin patches and purchased Pumpkin Barrows.  Here’s to many pumpkin picking, kid hauling adventures to you this year […]

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Straw for the big kids

And when I say big kids, I’m talking about us “grown ups” too!  If you want to have fun with your kids, you have to come and see us at The Pumpkin Ranch this year.  Dave has been working hard and creating all kinds of fun activities out or re-purposed items and crops that farmers […]

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The Great, Big, Huge Day of Set-up

Sunday was the big push to get The Pumpkin Ranch set up for the season.  We had the incredible blessing of the AGR freshman class from ISU come and help.  This is the third year they’ve helped us and they are invaluable!  One of their biggest projects was unloading 600 bales of hay to make […]

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Honey is Here!

Satruday, we harvested and poured honey (and the Cyclones beat the Hawks in Iowa City!  Go Clones!!!)  You know how I feel about honey.  I’m picky about it, but when I find a good one, I’m very dedicated!  Our honey is wonderful!  When I was younger, we ate cornbread with chili.  And that cornbread was […]

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Candy Corn?

I love candy corn.  Who doesn’t?  Sara, our CBO (Chief Barn Officer), emailed me this great pumpkin painting idea.  Isn’t it cool?  I think I’m going to have to try this one!

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Painted Pumpkins

I’m not a crafter.  I wish I were, but that’s just not how God made me!  However, I did enjoy these projects last year and plan to repeat them again this year.  They are so fun to make.  Very simple to make yourself.  The ones where I painted the whole pumpkin first are done with […]

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A little straw

Today at The Pumpkin Ranch, we’re doing a little of this…hauling large bales to start construction on the climbing structures around the zip lines.  We are adding another zip line to create a triangle.  We will have a total of 4 lines to fly on.  As my 3 year old said the first time he rode […]

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