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The Gatekeeper

Isn’t he a cute gate keeper?  Cooper’s job this summer is to open and close gates as we drive through and check pumpkins, bees and corn.  He’s handy to have around.  All of us get to stay on the 4 wheeler.  So far, he’s done a great job.  We have had no horses escape from […]

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Busy Bees

Honey anyone?  The pumpkins are busy blooming and vining out, which means these guys are super busy!  Again this year, we will have honey and honey comb available for purchase at The Pumpkin Ranch.  My honey comb sold out quickly last year, so I promise to have more this year! Is this picture blurry?  I […]

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I am a food lover!  Here are some links to my new favorite recipes that I’ve tried (and loved) over the past winter.  Notice they are all made with products we sell right here at The Pumpkin Ranch! 1. Granola Bars from The Pioneer Woman, using our honey. 2. Pumpkin Sour Cream Coffee Cake – […]

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County Fair

Wouldn’t bottle calves be fun to have at The Pumpkin Ranch?  Your kids could come and feed the cute little, big eyed calves with a bottle?  Our kids have experienced their first bottle calf and are taking her to the Madison County Fair in a few days.  It’s been a lot of hard work, but […]

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A Man with a Plan

Dave and I both grew up with entrepreneurial parents.  Working for ourselves feels very natural to us…not easy, but natural.  I sometimes look at our kids from the outside and realize that they will have much of the same experiences we had.  Our 7 year old had a pretty firm grasp on gross revenue, cost […]

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The Complexity of Weather

As pumpkin farmers, we experience what all others farmers experience in regards to the weather….it’s never quite perfect!  Because of all the rain we received this spring we had to wait longer that normal to plant and now we can’t seem to find a drop of rain anywhere! However, pumpkins prefer dry heat more than […]

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Adding a little more fun….

Dave is the mastermind of fun in our house and at The Pumpkin Ranch.  So, when he came across some unused water slide parts, he knew he could create something fun for our customers.  It all started with Dave creating a 30 foot hill and then working to fit the pieces together.  Here’s the middle […]

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