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Another Good One!

I can’t help myself….can you tell that I love food?  Especially when I can find great recipes that use local produce.  Here’s one you can make with any number of squash that we grow here at The Pumpkin Ranch.

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Here’s the Heat!

As Cooper says, “It’s smokin’ outside!”  It has been so hot here!  We had a pretty mild summer, but let me tell you, last week the heat set in and it’s here to stay for a while.  Last night we went out to the pumpkin field to cut some produce for a window display we […]

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Iowa State Fair Pumpkin

My family LOVES the Iowa State Fair.  Here is one of the great “little” finds at the fair this year.  Some year, we just may try to grow a monster.  Until then, we’ll admire the hard work of others!  Clearly, Cooper is amazed!

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A Creature of Habit

A few days ago the kids took a honey jar inventory for me.  Yes, it’s about that time of year to harvest honey again!  We decided we needed more jars so I got online, went to my suppliers site, clicked on my order from last year, and simply hit “Reorder”.  I love vendors that make […]

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Blinged Out Pumpkins

If you know me, you know I am not crafty!  My creativity does not channel itself through crafting.  However, I had a blast making these pumpkins to sell last year at The Pumpkin Ranch.  I will definitely be making more this year.

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Almost Here…

We have had amazingly mild temps this month.  I know a lot of farmers want the heat to mature their crop, but I have to say, I love having the windows open!  I love being able to work in the field and not be drenched in sweat in the first 5 minutes.  I know, I’m […]

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Learning to Work

The first year we started The Pumpkin Ranch, the kids were 5 and 2.  It was a little challenging to get much work done!  They started out by just being with us as we worked.  At 5 and 2, they came up with many games and adventures of their own in the barn or pumpkin […]

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Iowa’s Mega Corn Maze 2013

One of the most commonly asked questions at The Pumpkin Ranch is, “How do you cut your corn maze?”  The short answer….”We don’t!”  There is a family-owned company, Maze Play, that travels the country cutting mazes all summer.  Months prior to their arrival at The Pumpkin Ranch, we work together on a design.  They map […]

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Fall Birthday Parties

One of the most fun events we host at The Pumpkin Ranch is definitely birthday parties.  It’s so great to see the kids enjoying the zip lines, horseback riding, running through the patch looking for the perfect pumpkin, and searching through the corn maze for all of the checkpoints.  If you’re interested in having a […]

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We’re getting there…

Last weekend was a major work weekend around here.  We are blessed with great employees at The Pumpkin Ranch.  We have staff of all ages and in all stages of life and they bless us with their hard work ethic and great attitudes.  When you come to see us this fall,  you will understand what […]

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