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The Bloom

The pumpkins in our pumpkin patch have started to bloom.  Here is one of the beauties that will soon open and then form a pumpkin.  The kids love watching this process.  We are often asked how long it takes to grow pumpkins.  Depending on the variety, they take about 90-120 days from planting to maturation…not long.  […]

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 The Pumpkin Ranch was asked to participate in the first Kidfest in Winterset. We brought our newest jump house and had a great time seeing people we knew in our community and meeting new folks as well. It was a fun, but VERY HOT, morning! An added bonus for our kids was they got to […]

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We spent 2 full days cleaning and decorating gourds to sell at The Pumpkin Ranch this fall.  It was our first time and here’s what we discovered…cleaning them is not that much fun!  But, decorating them is!   Last year, many customers asked me about the process.  Here is is….. 1.  Let the gourds dry for […]

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On Thursday, our corn maze was cut and today, a customer of our sponsor was flying over our area and guess what caught his eye?  THIS…… Thank you Toyota of Des Moines for sponsoring our maze this year.  The maze is 9.3 acres with 5 miles of paths.  Within this maze is a long version […]

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What’s up?

The water in Iowa!  Are you tired of me posting about the rain?  Me too!  The corn maze cutter came last week and we had to turn him away…to wet.  But, check it out.  Doesn’t he do a great job?  We are pumped to get ours cut and inveil our sponsor and design for the […]

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Do You Follow Her Yet?

Have you had the petite vanilla scones at Starbucks?  Good grief….so good.  I’m a fan and so is my 3 year old son.  I googled “petite vanilla scone recipe” one day and found this blog….The Pioneer Woman.  And sure enough, she has the same obsession.  But, she actually did something about it and recreated the […]

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From Vogue to Rupps

I’ve turned into a woman who is more excited to receive seed catalogs in the mail than my newest copy of Vogue!  When I see the Rupps and Harris seed catalogs, I’m pumped! I guess the adventure of owning a pumpkin patch will do that to you.  How can you not be excited about these gorgeous guys? […]

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