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Many people have asked how Dave and Cooper are doing since the accident.  Thank you!  We received so many prayers and well wishes that we definitely felt cared for over the past 10 weeks.  Dave’s recovery is going really good.  Believe it or not, his recovery may actually take about the same time as Cooper’s.  Dave’s injuries […]

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Up, Up, and Away!

So, it’s hot. That seems to be all I can focus on right now. I mean slap-you-on-the-face hot. Our pumpkins are doing well, but they would not complain about having a little rain. Our corn field looks a little bit like a pineapple field, the leaves are standing at attention, reaching for the sky. They […]

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My Kitchen Has a New Look

Life at the Handsaker house has looked very different in the last 2 weeks than what our life normally looks like this time of year. This changed A LOT! Here’s the first difference. My kitchen counter looks like this! Man, oh man am I thankful for Amazon Prime! When dealing with the injuries we’re dealing […]

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Drum Roll….

You are all rock stars! Thank you for taking my survey on Facebook and helping us decide what free special events we should add to our season! I’ll get to work on scheduling right away! Here are the results… Face Painting 62% Live Music 60.8% Kids Crafts 60.8% Super Heroes/Princess 47% Demonstrations 40% Magician 20% […]

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Work and Fried Chicken

Hasn’t our weather the past several days been amazing? And we even got rain yesterday! We took advantage of the great weather Saturday morning and worked outside. We cleared the area to the west of our barn and plan to repurpose it. Honestly, it looked junky and needed some new life! When you own your […]

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Oh Rye, How I Love You!

Seriously.Rye.I.Love.You. This may sound a little dramatic….unless you lived our life before rye.  Rye is the cover crop we use in our pumpkin patch.  The seed is flown over the field and dropped in each fall.  It grows up in the spring, Dave makes rows through the rye, we kill it off, plant pumpkins in the rows, […]

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Planting 2017

We had just enough dry days last week to get pumpkin seeds in the ground. It’s always a good feeling to have that job done! But, as any type of big farming project goes, there are usually a few hiccups. Dave was about 50% done when the hitch on the planter broke. He loaded the […]

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Decorating with Indian Corn

I saw this picture and immediately fell in love. It would be wonderful hanging on a front door, from a mantle, or from a porch railing. I think we’re going to have to make some of these to sell this fall at The Pumpkin Ranch. I hope you love them as much as I do!

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Beautiful Madison County

We love Madison county and the community of Winterset. We have gorgeous scenery, loads of history, and really kind, caring people. When you plan your visit to The Pumpkin Ranch, we highly recommend you consider taking in the other wonderful sights and businesses in our area. If you have young children, the city park, including […]

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