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What do you call a free weekend?

A work weekend at The Pumpkin Ranch!  I almost feel as if I need to list everything we accomplished this past weekend, just to make myself feel better about my sore muscles.  But, I will spare you!  The most exciting feature taking form at our little pumpkin patch is a new playground for kids.  It will include tunnels, 2 slides, swings, a huge fort, rock wall, obstacles to climb and jump and a square bale straw maze for the little ones.  And, whatever else we come up with between now and then.

Most Midwest pumpkin patches are eagerly anticipating planting.  For us, it’s just 2 weeks away.  What are our kids eagerly anticipating?  Fishing at our pond.  Thankfully, the weather is supposed to stay dry for many days and I see fishing in our future.

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