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We spent 2 full days cleaning and decorating gourds to sell at The Pumpkin Ranch this fall.  It was our first time and here’s what we discovered…cleaning them is not that much fun!  But, decorating them is!   Last year, many customers asked me about the process.  Here is is…..

1.  Let the gourds dry for 3-6 months.  It’s best if you can get them in the sun for some of their drying time.  Otherwise, just put them in a dry and warm place and leave them alone.  This is what they look like after they’ve dried.  Dry, yucky and some may actually be moldy.

2.  Scrub them with water, bleach and steel wool.  We then sprayed them with bleach and let them dry in the sun. 

Once they’ve been cleaned and dry, they look like the picture above. 

3.  You can really decorate a gourd with any medium.  We loved oil base wood stain.  We then hung them with clothes pins on some twine in the garage. 

My favorite finish was covering the gourd with oil base wood stain and the dripping water base stain on it.  They look like pottery.

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