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Corn Maze

If you were to fly over The Pumpkin Ranch today, this is what our corn maze looks like.  Thank you to Toyota of Des Moines for being our sponsor this year.  How cool is that Prius in the middle?

When you come out to The Pumpkin Ranch this year we promise to challenge you with this maze.  It’s a total of 9 acres with 5 miles of paths.  There are two different games you can play in the maze.  In the first game you use our map and find our 12 different checkpoints.  Each check point has a different shaped punch.  Your goal is to punch your card with all 12 punches. 

The second game is called Farm Scene Investigation (FSI).  This is a fun game for all ages and is much like the board game Clue.  Farmer Joe is missing and there are 7 animals suspects.  Search the maze for our 6 checkpoints to find clues as to who took Farmer Joe.  

When you buy your ticket for the corn maze you can play one or both games.  Your ticket is valid for the whole day, so come out and enjoy!

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