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Leftover Soup

Last Monday brought out the fall recipes in my house!  It was chilly and a little rainy and I have to admit….I loved it!  The heat of this past summer made me half crazy so this cool, crisp air has been such a welcome relief!

Here’s is one of my favorite soup “recipes”.  I put the word recipe in bunny ears because it’s really a soup concept.  I take all of my left over vegetables from the week, heat them in chicken broth on the stove and the use my immersion blender and blend it up. 

You can even use leftover salad from the week.  I’m one of those people who make my own dressing and when I toss my salad, I never quite get the serving size right.  This means there is always left over salad with dressing, that I used to throw away because it would be too wilty to eat later.  But, save it and toss it in at the pot right before you puree.

In the fall, when I have lots of squash and pumpkin, I will roast one and add it to my Leftover Soup.  It’s a great way to bring seasonal, local produce to your table in a very inexpensive way.

And, if your family wants meat in their soup, this is another great way to use up the leftovers in your fridge.  Or, get a great turkey/chicken sausage at the store.  There are so many great flavor combos, pick one that will compliment your veggies and seasoning.  One of my favorites is a sweet Italian or sun dried tomato.  I buy the sausage in their casing (that’s the only way our local markets carry them), I cut the casing off and brown the meat just like I would brown ground beef.

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