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Iowa’s Mega Corn Maze 2013

One of the most commonly asked questions at The Pumpkin Ranch is, “How do you cut your corn maze?”  The short answer….”We don’t!”  There is a family-owned company, Maze Play, that travels the country cutting mazes all summer.  Months prior to their arrival at The Pumpkin Ranch, we work together on a design.  They map the design, show up at our place, usually in June, and cut the maze.  The family travels together in a motor home and pulls their equipment with them in a trailer.  Our maze is 9 acres with just under 5 miles of paths.  It takes Maze Play 6-7 hours to cut.

One game within our maze is called Farm Scene Investigation (FSI).  Your goal is to find who took Farmer Joe, with what weapon, and where it happened.   Through process of elimination – like the board game of Clue – you try to solve the mystery.  Was it the snooty Lama in the barn with the wrench?  Or perhaps that innocent looking pig with a rope in the pumpkin patch?

Our customers love to play FSI and we enjoy seeing kids (old and young) excitedly come back to the barn to see if they solved the mystery.  So, as an ode to Antonio de Lama and Frank the Pig, here is the aerial photo Iowa’s Mega Corn Maze 2013.

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