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Planting 2017

We had just enough dry days last week to get pumpkin seeds in the ground. It’s always a good feeling to have that job done! But, as any type of big farming project goes, there are usually a few hiccups. Dave was about 50% done when the hitch on the planter broke. He loaded the planter up, took it to town, got the hitch fixed and had just enough day light to finish the project. It was a gorgeous night!

In the picture of the sunset you can see Dave’s tractor in the distance.  This is a great picture of our cover crop of rye, which just looks like tall grass. The rye in flown in and dropped in the field in the fall.  In the spring, Dave clears rows in the rye, which is where we plant the pumpkins.  We then plant the pumpkins and roll the rye flat.  The flat rye then becomes a weed barrier.  This is MUCH better than hand weeding 12 acres of pumpkins…just ask our kids!

We plant over 50 varieties of pumpkins, gourds, and squash. We order seed at the first of the year. Each year we try to find a few new varieties and I usually go overboard on the specialty gourds and squash. Oh well! Can’t wait to share our crop with you this fall.

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So glad the planting is done. Love the updates.

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