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A Motorcycle and Deer will Never be Friends

A few years ago Dave and I bought a used Harley and man, have we loved her! If I’m not on the back riding with Dave, Cooper, our 9 year old son, usually is. Our 11 year old daughter rode once. ONCE. And when she got off she asked me, “Why do you like that thing? It’s so loud!” When I ride I feel freedom. It’s a time for me to let go of all my roles and just enjoy the beauty around me. It’s a time to be with friends and have new adventures. If you ride, you understand!

We ALWAYS ride in helmets and full protective gear. On Sunday morning, when Dave and Cooper hit a deer while riding the bike…we were never more grateful for God’s protection and the protection of all that gear!

Is there a worse moment for a mama than getting a call that her boys have been in an accident and are on their way to the ER? Nope! And is there a worse moment for a dad to see his child badly hurt and scared? No! I have no doubt that Dave’s diligence in taking driver safety courses, being an attentive driver, and his commitment to wearing the protective gear saved their lives AND saved them from worse injuries. They have some pretty serious road rash and Cooper’s left foot got fairly mangled, but NO broken bones, tears, or sprains. Cooper has a lot of foot pain to deal with right now, but he will fully heal and his attitude is amazing!

Will we ride again? Yes. It’s a part of our life. Just like all the other things we do as a family…riding 4 wheelers, working with farm equipment, hunting, flying on airplanes, and vacation adventures like whale boats and parasailing. Could we be hurt doing any of those things? YES. Will Cooper ride again? He said yes, but not for awhile. I told him he never has to ride again and he said he knows, but wants to. He has yet to shed a tear because of the physical pain, but when we talk about the accident there are usually some tears. He didn’t see the deer because he can’t see over Dave and he was looking the other direction. He just felt himself skidding and didn’t know why. When I met him at the ER he was in terrible pain, but said to me that he knew God loved him because God gave him his dad to help him and His angels to protect him. Those are the real things a 9 year old processes. Those are the things that make all the work of the business stop for awhile.

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Praying for speedy recovery. God is so good. Bless ur family.

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