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Work and Fried Chicken

Hasn’t our weather the past several days been amazing? And we even got rain yesterday!

We took advantage of the great weather Saturday morning and worked outside. We cleared the area to the west of our barn and plan to repurpose it. Honestly, it looked junky and needed some new life! When you own your own small business you have to become Jack-of-all-trades (and master of none)! We are everything from manual labor to marketing coordinator to crop specialist, CEO, COO, CFO, accountant, payroll…you get the idea! And sometimes, we get tired. That’s just being really transparent. We look around at all the things we want to change, improve, clean up, etc. and sometimes we just have to call “UNCLE!” This is one of those projects we have called “UNCLE” on long enough! We’re not done, but we’re getting there.

So we hauled cattle gates, tore up concrete, pulled posts, filled holes…and then went to Rudy’s for lunch. Why Rudy’s? Because we let Cooper pick. And after what happened Sunday, I’m glad we let him do that! But more on that in my next post!

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