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My Kitchen Has a New Look

Life at the Handsaker house has looked very different in the last 2 weeks than what our life normally looks like this time of year. This changed A LOT!

Here’s the first difference. My kitchen counter looks like this! Man, oh man am I thankful for Amazon Prime! When dealing with the injuries we’re dealing with, the patients very quickly learn the gauze and bandages they like the best. I am sure Amazon fulfillment thinks I’m opening a clinic! That huge stack of red boxes are Cooper’s gauze wraps and will only last about 20 days.

Another difference is we’ve had to hire out more help than usual. Honestly, they’ve done a far better job than Dave and I could do anyway! Driver Randy is an incredibly skilled craftsman and he’s been busy building us new retail counter tops in the barn. I am not sure this will excite any of you, but our old counters were made from free lower cabinets that came from an old pharmacy and were falling apart. That is what happens when you open your own small business…you look for all the free, salvaged things that you can make work! But when you get to replace them with functional pieces that work better, you’re SUPER thankful!!

Randy is also building new pieces for the obstacle course. Remember how fun that was last year? Well of course we want to make it bigger and better! I’ll post pictures later this week as the pieces start coming together.

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