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Up, Up, and Away!

So, it’s hot. That seems to be all I can focus on right now. I mean slap-you-on-the-face hot. Our pumpkins are doing well, but they would not complain about having a little rain. Our corn field looks a little bit like a pineapple field, the leaves are standing at attention, reaching for the sky. They wouldn’t complain either! We had a little drone fun a few weeks ago and as soon as I get a few more minutes at my computer we will publish the aerial picture of the maze. I love our 2017 design. It has a local theme and is the cause we are raising funds and giving donations to this season.

Here is one of the drone shots. It’s not of the field, but I like these people. And yes, this was pre-accident! The boys are looking spry!


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Great. I was wondering how many people would it take to be considered a group?and if you can book the patch for a day only open for that group? Also would horseback riding come with this private day? And if you give group rates?

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