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The Rest of the Story

Many people have asked how Dave and Cooper are doing since the accident.  Thank you!  We received so many prayers and well wishes that we definitely felt cared for over the past 10 weeks.  Dave’s recovery is going really good.  Believe it or not, his recovery may actually take about the same time as Cooper’s.  Dave’s injuries have to grow new skin whereas Cooper’s injuries got new skin grafted onto them.  Cooper is starting to gain ground!  He had his skin graft almost 3 weeks ago.  He had to keep the foot immobilized for a week and as soon as he got the OK he was full speed ahead.  He’s as active as he can be without a shoe (and way more active than I am WITH two shoes), including playing soccer at with his friends at recess and testing out the jump pillow. The day before we open for the season we go back to the doctor and we are all hoping he gets the OK to wear a shoe!

So let’s talk about opening for the season.  That’s actually going to happen on Friday, September 22.  If you want to know the best, most enjoyable day at The Ranch if you don’t like crowds….that’s the day!  As opening approaches I start having crazy dreams.  The one dream I have every summer is that opening day has arrived and the barn isn’t ready.  In the dream the barn was full of tractors and other storage and people are arriving!  Last week I had that same dream, except in the dream I knew I always had that dream, but that time it wasn’t a dream, it was actually coming true.  Follow?  Yeah, well, this is my head before we open every season!

Barn inventory has started to arrive, I’m burning one of our wonderful pumpkin candles in the house, and I actually made a crockpot roast today.  It’s getting real here!

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